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Based in London, UK, Rebecca is a session vocalist, songwriter, composer and top line composer for film, digital media, documentary and advertisement. Upon graduating from Goldsmiths University in 2012 (with a first class honours degree in Popular Music), Rebecca has collaborated with numerous studios/labels including, Deli Music, Jungle, Strings & Tins, EMI, Altitude Music, Major Tom, Tadlow Records, Silva Screen Records, and many more. 

Her past (and present), vocal & composition work has featured on ABC for Kids, Discovery Channel, Colgate: Mr Right TV campaign, Fiat Tipo: Amore for Less TV campaign, 'The Good Dinosaur' Trailer, Glory World Wrestling Series, Red Mist: Hollywood Trailer Album and more.  

Rebecca is always looking for an opportunity to collaborate, create and explore ideas for exciting, new projects and ventures. Rebecca's flexibility of style and vocal range make her an ideal fit for any project, whether it be a 1950's pastiche or contemporary GlitchHop.


Netflix & Disney+ 

Partnered up with Konstantine Pope & Ninja Tune Records, Rebecca's song 'Side by Side', recently featured on 'Diary of a Future President' on Disney+.

The duo have also had a song placement through renowned publishing house 'Cavendish Music' on Netflix Top 10 series 'Too Hot To Handle'.

Music from Spaghetti Westerns - London Music Works

Rebecca was commissioned by Silva Screen Records to record lead and backing vocals on an album released to celebrate the greatest Spaghetti Western Theme Tunes. Rebecca was extremely proud to perform the solo for 'His Name Was King' on the album from 'Django'. 

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