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Ben Sumner,
Musical Director
Feel for Music

Rebecca is an unbelievably talented singer; she’s definitely right at the top of our list of vocalists and has delivered time after time for us.  Her vocal range and ability to work quickly and efficiently to the highest level make her an ideal collaborator.  Can’t recommend highly enough.

Fred Ashworth,
Senior Music & Producer/Composer, 
Native Music Supervision 

Rebecca is one of my favourite singers to work with. She’s great fun, professional and above all nails anything I throw at her (often in the first take!) Her voice is also a dream to mix and always sits in the track perfectly, which is a massive plus.

Ed Moris, 
Director/Executive Producer & Composer

Delicious Digital

"I have used many session singers in the 25 plus years that I have been making music. At Delicious we have a need for all manner of vocals, from character voices to banked jingle harmonies. I have worked with Rebecca several times as a session singer, both when we were lucky enough to have her working here and when she’s come in as a freelancer. From soft choral style to edgy pop vocals, she has a versatile tone and a deep and inherent understanding of music. Melodies are easy, harmonies come totally naturally to her. When I’m looking for a session vocalist, it must be someone who responds well to criticism, doesn’t fill the studio with their own ego and understands the brief and time constraints. Rebecca ticks all these boxes and I can safely say that she is my preferred choice. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her, she brings to the session a professional attitude, a bubbly, positive personality and has the voice of an angel."

Leigh Phillips, 
Orchestrator & Composer

LP Film Music

I've had the pleasure of collaborating with Rebecca, for several years, while working on numerous classic film score reconstructions (and recordings) for Tadlow Music & Prometheus Records.  Her ability to compose lyrics of any kind, to suit any era, or any brief, cannot be overestimated.  During the recent recording of Miklos Rozsa's score for 'The Thief of Bagdad' (1940) Rebecca's linguistic skills were put to the ultimate test, with her having to complete the lyrics for several key songs (including a 10-minute mini-operetta sequence!!), where the original lyricist had either left them abandoned with partial words, or had written none at all!  The blending of the original text with the contemporary additions was absolutely seamless; Rebecca's new lyrics sounded as though they could have easily been written 80 years ago!! Only someone with a unique insight and historical awareness, into the craft of song-writing, could have completed such a task so successfully, and so effortlessly.

James Fitzpatrick, 
Manager Director
Tadlow Music Limited

Rebecca as well as being one of the most versatile musicians, singers, composers, lyricists and music copyists I have ever worked with, she is also a total delight to have at any recording session and helps relieve even the most stressful of sessions with her enchanting smile and professional attitude.

Mike Bamford,
Founding Partner
Strings and Tins 

"I've worked with Rebecca for over five years on a variety of vocal projects. Her range of dynamics is massive covering gentle emotion, to roaring siren to operatic! She always nails a performance and if you've not met her before, she's one of the friendliest and helpful people you'll ever work with."

Nick Hill, 
Producer, Composer

I have had the pleasure of working with Rebecca on various projects over the last few years. She shows a maturity beyond her years and is very musically gifted with a great feel for songwriting and top lining. Her vocal style is unique and dynamic, we have covered everything from pop music to opera and had so much fun every time. A real talent who is able to work quickly and efficiently but also has the patience on those bigger projects.


Rebecca is single-handily the most talented session singer I have ever had the pleasure to work with. She is able to tackle an immense variety of projects with spectacular ease, coming through always with the most inspired results. Her professionalism, work ethic and sheer talent make her my favourite go-to singer when I am faced with a challenging brief.

Konstantine Pope, 
Producer, Composer

Konstantine Pope

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